Project 3: Interface

Due: Feb. 29, 2024 (link to submission form)


Most interfaces in our daily lives are designed for our fingers and have the same mechanic: tapping, scrolling, clicking. The goal of this exercise is to have you think beyond the hand and traditional interfaces we operate routinely. You should craft an interface that either uses the hand in a novel way or interacts with another part of the body to activate the switch or sensor. It should be connected to Arduino and activate an LED, screen, or other output when activated.

Document your project on a personal blog, in a Google doc, or another easily readable format that you can submit via the Google form. It must include the elements below:

  • an image of your interface
  • a short video of it working
  • craft a brief narrative or use case for your interface. It can be real or speculative or fantastical. This can take the form of instructions/guide, short story, advertisement, etc. Have fun with it.
  • list of materials used
  • a link to or documentation of your project code

I will assess you on

  • Concept (does it use the hands in a novel way or another part of the body? is your use case compelling and/or emotionally evocative? does your interface align to the use case?)
  • Functionality (does it work as expected? is it constructed using the techniques we have been working with?)
  • Aesthetics (do the material and design choices support the concept?)

Submit your documentation to this Google Form before class on 2/29/24.


  • If you are having trouble getting started, consider a mechanic (i.e. verb) and a part of the body (i.e. foot). Make a list and pair them up as a brainstorming exercise.
  • Shake that Button
  • I will continue to add more and request that you share any you find interesting on Discord in #inspiration