How to Document Assignments

Most assignments will require documentation. Documentation will usually be due the Wednesday before class. This is so I have time to review any misconceptions or shared interests so I can adjust the next class. If you are unable to meet this deadline for any reason, please Slack me directly.

How to Submit

You must submit a link to your documentation of each assignment on Slack in the proper channel (e.g. week-1-assignment) by the due date. You may document on a personal blog, in a Google doc, or another easily readable format. Your documentation must include the elements below.

What to Submit

  • Describe your project briefly. Questions you might address include: 
    • What does it do? How does it work? Is it for a particular audience?
    • What challenges, frustrations, and successes did you encounter?
  • List the materials used. If they are not in our class resource list, include a link.
  • Include an video of your final product and any supporting images.
    • If your assignment is not working, please take detailed images where you think the problem might be.
  • Include a diagram of your circuit and data tables when appropriate. For instance, when we will be measuring resistance of different lengths of thread or time for thermochromic ink to change color.
  • Include any images and/or video that document your process.