Project 5: Data

Due: April 9,April 4, 2024 (link to submission form)


Using thermochromic ink, build a project that either (1) reveals or makes visible hidden data OR (2) hides exposed data. Keep in mind that data can take many forms. This does not have to be big data – it can be any piece of information. Your circuit can be on a breadboard and you should use Arduino in your project. You can screenprint or paint the thermochromic ink on fabric OR you can use the thermochromic dye. A note on timing: since we won’t cover thermochromic until 3/28, you can get a head start by identifying the data and building the switch or sensor.

  • Level 1: Complete the project as described above.
  • Level 2: Control the thermochromic sensor with a button.
  • Level 3: Build a new soft switch or sensor to control the thermochromic output.
  • Activate your project iteration option: As we discussed in week 9, you may choose one of the final two assignments to use as a chance to iterate on a past assignment.

Document your project on a personal blog, in a Google doc, or another easily readable format that you can submit via the Google form. PLEASE make sure you adjust the share settings! It must include the elements below:

  • Images and/or a video of your project
  • A link to the code you used.
  • Documentation of the materials. Document the amount of pigment, the base (transparent, paint, etc), and method of application (silk screen, paint, stamp, etc).
  • A short reflection explaining why you chose this data and your decision to reveal or hide it.
  • Any wins with advice or challenges with a note on how you overcame it or additional open questions.

Submit your documentation to this Google Form before class on 4/9/24 4/4/24.