Week 7: Fabricating Traces


1. Turn the first letter of your first or last name into a circuit with 2-3 LEDs, a battery, and a button. You can craft this into a working circuit OR just draw a sketch of the circuit design using pencil/paper or drawing software. Take a picture or screenshot and upload it to #general when you are done.

2. Choose ONE to work on for your class assignment. Use Silhouette Studio to:

  • Level 1: Design a simple circuit for 3 LEDs and a battery holder. It does not need to connect to Arduino.
  • Level 2: Design a circuit for a switch and one LED (or more) that can connect to Arduino using alligator clips or pin probes. (Hint: You will need resistors!)
  • Level 3: Design a circuit for a sensor and two LEDs that connects directly to a Flora. You will need to look at the pinout and can use this starter file.

When you are done, take a screenshot and annotate it with the components, then upload it to #general (NOTE: you do not have to build it!)

Remember: You should focus on creating aesthetic circuits, not just functional ones!


  • Tutorials: Each tutorial has a slide deck and video playlist.
    • Embroidering Traces
    • Vinyl Cutting Traces
    • Soldering Components to Traces
  • Silhouette Design Files
    • Flower Board: The board I showed in class.
    • Practice: There are two files here to help you practice using the software.
    • Components: This is a template with shape placeholders for all the components we use – battery, through hole LEDs, SMD LEDs, etc.